You Just Couldn’t Resist Could You?

It’s okay. I get it. There is something about knowing something bad is about to happen that makes us want to turn our eyes but yet compels us to watch. That’s what you’re doing isn’t it? Or, could it be, you are in the same boat as me?

We live in a day of freelance professionals. Gone are the days of corporations being loyal to their employees and employees having only one job for their entire powlives! (What?! Holy stays the same Batman!)

Maybe, like me, you are tired of reinventing yourself every few years. Maybe you are sick of never feeling like you are where you will retire. Maybe you are ready to quit being a Career Dummy…or maybe you just think I’m really stupid and love seeing my moronic antics. I don’t know either way…



I’m glad to have you here because it’s lonely in this corner with this dunce cap on!


The Career Dummy