Do you like beans? I hope so, because I am about to spill them. I honestly don’t know if this is a brilliant thing to do or the most absolutely moronic thing a man looking for a job can do…(insert confused emoji here)! However, as I am once again looking for a new job after being laid off due to lack of work, I am taking a good hard look at my career choices in life and trying to figure out what the heck went wrong and the word adultery comes to mind.

First things first, I spent most of my adult life being very successful in a career that basically fell into my lap. I made the mistake of dropping out of high school to be a rock star…okay, so I was in the Gospel Music industry…not exactly rock star status…but I played music and met chicks so…!!! It did not take me long to realize that was not the smart thing to do (dropping out of high school…not meeting chicks because that was stinking awesome!) and three years later I needed a new job. I successfully earned my GED with flying colors. The administrator said I scored so well colleges would be chomping at the bit to bring me in. However, I needed money so I looked for a job instead applying at colleges. That took my path into the retail industry where I landed a job at a department store in men’s clothing. I’m a stylish guy, so it worked for me. I hated the hours of retail but it’s not about happiness, right? About six months later, one of my customers walked in and asked me if I had considered going into management, my response: “Does it pay better than this?” He laughed and said to come see him. That resulted in me becoming a manager trainee in the jewelry industry.

I was good at sales. I’m an easy going guy who doesn’t take life or himself too seriously so that translates into being able to make people feel at home. (p.s. to any recruiters who may be reading this…not taking yourself seriously is a common trait of successful CEO’s…just saying)

Anyhoo, it wasn’t long before I was promoted to Assistant Manager and spent eight of the next twenty years in the jewelry industry as store manaconfused-manger. It was a love/hate relationship. I enjoyed the challenge. I have always been a very driven man when it comes to competition. I LOVED looking at the performance reports every day and seeing how I ranked in the district, region, and company. I also enjoyed the training…I REALLY enjoyed the training. However, as with clothing retail, I hated the hours and for some reason I just never felt like a success. I always felt unsettled, like there was something better out there, I just couldn’t put my finger on why.

Looking at my resume, you see that I switched from jewelry to another sales job about every two and a half years. If it’s true that we are married to our jobs, I was a very unfaithful husband who couldn’t make up his mind who he wanted to be with. I guess my post mid-life crisis mind is waxing philosophical because I realized today I have spent my life being married to one job while having an emotional affair with another. I have been committing Career Adultery! Ewww. that feels so dirty to say that but it is what it is and they say honesty is the best policy.

I have spent my adult life working at jobs which made me very good money (considering I had no college degree) but I did it to “make money”. Until recently, I have not been specific in my path toward a career. I was like Free Spirit going where the wind took me, or in this day and age, where took me. As a result, I ended up in jobs I didn’t really love while wanting a job I loved…the problem is, I had no clue what that job was, I just knew there was more to life.

So, that’s where I am at today. I am a forty-three year old man, unemployed, with a string of short burst business successes, and no college degree, trying to take what he is passionate about and turn that into a career…one that actually pays the bills. As I have considered what drives me and tried to figure out how to turn them into a career I thought about my love for writing. I have done several different blogs over the past ten years and I thought why not combine my job search with my love for writing…kind of a diary of a clueless job seeker. After all, those who can’t…blog, right?

Well that is my brilliantly moronic plan. Until I find another job, I will write articles about trying to break the cycle of Career Adultery and find a career that causes me to grow up and be a “real boy”. I guess you could say this Peter Pan has decided to pack his bags and leave Neverland. The million dollar question, however, is “Where do I go from here?”

Wish me luck!


The Career Dummy


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